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spiritual counseling

we help you heal you

Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner & Traditional Missoko Bwiti IBOGA Provider

~ with Sherry Healing

Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner & Traditional Missoko Bwiti IBOGA Provider

Supporting those who seek self-discovery, find happiness, peace of mind and most importantly, healing

Our Approach

It takes courage to take the first step, to face and admit that certain patterns are no longer serving you.  We have the power to create a better life for ourselves, and sometimes we just need a little help getting there… or what we like to say Healyou-niversity.

Encouraging self-understanding and self-knowledge lead to an empowered life.

Driven from (Youniver-city) a metaphor for learning and healing oneself.

During this pandemic, most of us have been pushed out of our comfort zone, adjusting to new ways of being in a world of isolation and continuous change.  These times may have shaken things to our core. They’ve made us retreat and look within to understand ourselves better.  

In the session, you will be provided with a safe space online or in-person to express and explore: areas of your life that need light, visit old programming that no longer serves you, undo limiting beliefs and create new ways of being in life.

I am here to hold a lit candle while you leap into self-exploration and healing.




One of the critical aspects of successful therapy is to be comfortable with your therapist.  To ensure we are a good match, please reach out, and we can have an initial video consultation where we can chat and “feel” each other out.

When you deal with private and personal issues of the heart, mind, and soul, engaging with an authentic and intelligent human while also being fun-loving and down-to-earth is crucial.

Her wild sense of humor, combined with a direct approach, helps to challenge her clients in a positive way, creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere for those who are ready to receive the healing they desire.

That is Sherry's greatest gift as a therapist!

Getting Help

When you're in despair, everything becomes harder,
it is not easy to even see what is in front of your eyes.

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or someone else,

to even start to know you need help is a huge step.

Individuals may feel and think things are “FINE”, but they are not and may not even know they

have pushed themselves too far. The response is merely a way you can hold things together because if you admit that you are not fine, it all starts to fall apart and fast. For example, if you do not know you are lost in the woods, you will get more lost.

Each experience is individual and different, no matter what the reason for seeking

help they all matter, and you don’t have to deal with things alone.


Talk Therapy

Life Coaching

Life Coaching




Energy Trauma Release

Intuitive Counseling, Body Talk Therapy

Body Talk Therapy

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Hypnotherapy &

Past Life Regression

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Plant Medicine Retreats 

Plant Medicine Aftercare

Therapy Sessions

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I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2017 and have been on multiple medications, including regular visits to doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists for ongoing treatment with little to no improvement.

It was time for me to look at something new and other avenues of support. Since working with Sherry a little over six months ago, I have found the process and experience very rewarding. Sherry was able to help me make sense of my awaking and answer questions I had. She has an excellent way of explaining things simply. We have been working with the energy trauma release technique. I find this very helpful, and as we work, I can feel the release. It’s very powerful. Before working with Sherry, I spent most, if not all, of my days in bed. I’m now up and doing things around my house. My husband has been so impressed and has now looked to work with Sherry for himself.

In this crazy world we live in, it’s great to know I have someone like Sherry to help direct my healing. 

H.K. Age 43

Is IBOGA Calling you???

Experience the Transformation 

awaken your SPIRIT connect with your SOUL

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